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About Master Bates


Something smooth and Easy, the way we like it.


As an artist, how many times in your career have you been asked after giving a tattoo, what you recommend to put on it? And through your career, you may have tried numerous "tattoo aftercare" products.

As a client, how many times have you asked what is best to put on your new tattoo? And how many new things have you tried?

We weren't any different.  And honestly, business is better if you can provide something smooth and easy. And since we couldn't find exactly what we wanted, we set out to create a product made of all natural ingredients that wasn't greasy or oily, was an excellent moisturizer, and soothed the burn of a new tattoo. Basically, we wanted what every other tattoo client wanted.

After doing some serious research, we made our first batch, and tried it out on ourselves, and select clients.  The results were so amazing, word spread quickly, and we found ourselves spending so much time making the stuff, we decided to package it, and sell it.

So now when we get asked that question, our answer is smooth, confident, and easy!

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