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These are simple, effective Master Bates creams and balms.
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Master Bates Tattoo After Care (Original Formula)

This is the original formula, a safe and effective Tattoo After Care, featuring a host of all natural ingredients that moisturize and ease the burn of a new tattoo. Available in a 1 ounce container, this formula goes a very long way, without the greasiness and mess of other tattoo after care products.

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Master Bates Penetration Cream

aftercare can.jpg

Master Bates MAX

Similar to the original formula, MAX is a safe and effective Tattoo After Care with a kick. With the same all natural ingredients as the original, this one is also infused with CBD oil, a popular gentle pain reliever. Max offers the same no greasy application and features, but is more effective for pain.


New Product Coming Soon!

Penetration cream is a direct result of having clients who have requested a numbing agent prior to getting their tattoo, and is used during the procedure, taking the place of the artists petroleum jelly. It contains a high quality CBD and the response from customers has been positive. Single use container.

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